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I’ve travelled a lot due to being a balloon artist and performer!
At the time of writing (June 30th 2020) as some businesses are opening up again, the current Government guidelines mean that I cannot entertain at events.
In this day and age there are many channels of communication. It’s like a T.V – some people like tuning in to BBC, others like Channel 4 or Channel 4+1 for convenience. Some even prefer subscribing to Netflix. And of course there are many others too. Which one do you prefer to get in touch with your local balloon entertainer?! Here are some of my channels you can tune into and contact me to ask questions, book events or make balloon delivery orders or enquiries.
Learning from Courgettes At the beginning of lockdown I planted some seeds: courgettes, tomatoes, nasturtiums and radish. It’s now about eight weeks later.
One and three quarter years
One and three quarter years
I had a huge success this weekend. It’s only taken me one and three quarter years to do it. What might that be? you ask. What have you done? That’s a good question – thanks for asking!
Play Time for All
Play Time for All
Play every day even in lock down. Its important for many reasons.
If you are stuck at home, or working from home keeping the NHS safe and yourselves from the lethal lurgy, you can still support local businesses and help keep them working and supporting your requirements, or doing fun things. Check out your favourites on Facebook, their website and other social media to see how you can support them in these strange times.
I’ve been a silent performer for many years. However I realised that I needed to branch out and speak a lot, necessary in birthday parties and other events where I’m interacting with people. I also try to vary what I do in my solo theatre shows and perform a new skill each show. In the current show “Frankenstein for Kids” I speak a lot, revealing the story, explaining and joking with word play adding to the physical comedy.
What an Idiotic week!
What an Idiotic week!
A week in the life of Danny The Idiot
Its just a bunch of balloons - or is it?
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