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Form IHT205 is required for those estates which do not have to pay Inheritance Tax (IHT) but will need a Grant of Probate.
Whether or not a policy forms part of an estate depends on how the insurance policy was written.
Business Relief, introduced by the UK government in 1976, is a relief that can reduce the value of a business or its assets when working out how much Inheritance Tax is payable on an estate.
As a result of more dynamic family structures and individuals increasingly owning more assets than ever before, it may not come as a surprise that inheritance disputes have been on the rise since 2015.
A gift is anything that has value, such as money, household and personal goods, property, stocks and shares listed on a Stock Exchange, and unlisted shares held for less than two years before death.
Inheritance Tax (IHT) can be a difficult concept to comprehend. To put it simply, IHT is a tax that is paid upon an estate of someone who has died, however, it does not apply to all estates.
After a celebrity passes away, the world often learns more about how well or poorly they have planned for the distribution of their estate, leaving behind valuable lessons about estate planning that we can all learn from.
The DIY (do it yourself) probate approach means taking on the full legal and financial responsibility to administer a loved one’s estate yourself.
When a loved one passes away, there are a number of tasks that need to be considered and it can be a daunting process knowing where to start.
When someone dies without a Will, they are said to have died “intestate” and their estate must be distributed following the rules of intestacy.
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