Balloon Gifts (part 2) Bespoke balloon sculptures for all occasions
16th September 2018
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This weekend I created the pictured balloon sculpture for someone who wanted a gift for his goddaughter’s 18th Birthday who is really passionate about dance. I suggested a ballet dancer and he was happy with that. I decided because it was for an 18 year old I didn’t think baby pink was appropriate  as I didn’t have the information available to me on her likes and dislikes about colours. So I went for classy chrome, still pinkish but the gold and metallic effect of the balloons imbues richness, style and chic.

Using my skill and imagination I can create a tailor-made balloon sculpture for your loved one/ friend/ colleague with whatever they are interested in, or the relevant occasion. Whether sport, dance, objects, colours - a balloon gift can be an inspired reasonably priced and unique gift. It won’t take up space forever, makes wonderful photos to share and can be popped tidied away. Balloons that I use are not plastic and are biodegradable as they are latex balloons made from the sap of the rubber tree.

In a few weeks I was booked to entertain at a children’s birthday party. Unfortunately due to a change of circumstances it was cancelled. However I suggested a balloon gift for the birthday  and so I will be making a special gift for him and I know the colours and the creature he is obsessed about currently. Everyone is happy. So even if I can’t come to your event and perform for your guests, I can create an amazing bespoke balloon gift.

If you would like some help to make your event even more memorable with incredible balloon art, please contact me at

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