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Hastings Literary Festival has announced its programme for 2019, featuring George Orwell’s adopted son Richard Blair, musician and writer Tracey Thorn, TV presenters Alice Roberts and Lucy Cooke, and many local authors among a wide array of literary talent.
Never a dull moment at Hastings favourite indoor sports venue!
And bestof Hastings member Cale is taking part... fingers crossed!
Keeping the kids amused during the long summer holidays is often a challenge. We've given it some thought so you don't have to!
Motivated by Rio?
Motivated by Rio?
Are you an aspiring Olympian for Tokyo in 2020? - What better time to start than now?
You'll be surprised by the recent changes made by the good people at Kings Stationers.
On the first day of Lent....
On the first day of Lent....
So, should we all be giving up something for Lent and if so, what?
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