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This month is a quiet month for me, most things are done, although very shortly I shall strap the hives up and put anti-woodpecker chicken wire round them and check all entrances are mouseproof. In spite of the rain we have had it has been fairly mild and the bees very active between showers, bringing in loads of pollen. As soon as the temperature drops to about 12 degrees C the bees will go into a cluster and become less active. Then we must check that the entrances are clear regularly.
When you have an issue with a UPVC Door or window and someone that you have asked to come and quote to repair it says, "This is unsafe I'll have to secure it"
We live in a busy world. So much to do, so many places to be. We can lose track of things. Things that could actually save us time and money.
One of the main benefits of using a self-contained storage solution is security.
Planning to make a fresh start for 2018? A change of House? Then now is the time to get moving!
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