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19th August 2018
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This weekend I watched Cirque Rouages “Sodade” street show at the Stade, Hastings. It was a circus theatre show with a story about an infinite tight wire, enabled by two large wheels and one long loop of wire. Please see the photo! “Every stormy evening, an old man, exiled for a long time, approaches the seaside. With the caress of the wind on his face, he returns to distant memories. A dream awakened by a happy nostalgia, to never forget, and to live at all costs. Around an infinite cable ..., four bodies in equilibrium will evolve, like the waves of a past time that returns and goes on unceasingly. ... Sodade ... There are two musicians to play, to sing and to tell a fable at high level, a hymn to life on a unique Circassian structure ...” Translated from Cirque Rouages’ website. I really enjoyed seeing something different, multiple skills and well presented.


So why mention this? It has nothing to do with Danny The Idiot and balloons. Wrong! It’s important as a balloon artist and performer to keep being inspired, provoked and to see different art forms of shows, art, cartoons, films and whatever else I can see, or read. It changes the way I think about something, perhaps I’m working on a new routine and seeing it from a different angle could help me solve a difficulty, or perhaps take me on a different journey. I enjoying being slightly different in my approach to performing shows and giving the very best service or performance for my clients at their events.

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