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Are you a Puker
Are you a Puker
I make no apologies for the unsavoury choice of wording in the subject line for this weeks Top Tip, because it’s something that every business owner across Hastings does at some point when talking to potential future customers.
I joined the local growth hub, just over a year ago taking on the role of Business Navigator. I suspect like many who operate SME’s, act as advisors, financiers, etc. within the East Sussex region (probably most UK regions), I was aware of the growth hub but exactly what it did was something of a grey area.
How to make your business shine with support from Jason Cornes.
Top Tips - Direct Mail
Top Tips - Direct Mail
Tops Tips From The Best Of Hastings We all know the huge benefits of email. It’s quick, and it costs next to nothing. We also know, however, how hard it is to get a decent response rate to an email campaign.
Knight Accountants explain the benefits for every stage of your business.
Why writing is becoming a dying art - and how Kings Stationers can help save it!
Think how much you could achieve in your Life, Career or Small Business if you had unlimited trust in your abilities and judgement? A burning desire all day long to complete tasks, overcome difficulties and achieve ambitions and goals?
Having a presence on social media is essential – it’s something we’ve mentioned time and time again. But is just being there enough? How do you elevate your presence so that it works better for your business?
Join 10 small business owners once a month for problem-solving, business planning and expert support
This month we take a look at Instagram, the social media platform that’s growing and growing in popularity. It’s fast gaining a reputation as the “cool kids” platform, largely due to it having tapped into the creative, image-based online life of young people.
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