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The Magic Word
The Magic Word
I had an interesting conversation at a TreeShepherd event a few weeks back with someone from Remakery about the best password policy. He had an interesting rule which allows him to have a different password for every online account, This got me thinking about my methods and ones I have come across.
It’s gone. As of April 2019 Google+ is a thing of the past. The original date set for the “switch off” had been August of this year but after yet another bug was discovered within the Google+ APIs, the shut down was moved to April 2019, and the APIs will be cut off within 90 days.
Founded in 2003, LinkedIn is the social network that is specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect, with its main focus being to facilitate the building of strategic relationships.
When I meet new clients I can almost guarantee that they have not been keeping on top of things and their business is now becoming busier and busier and the stress of doing the books is just getting too much.
ClaudeComputing explains why avoiding a security breach is vital for business.
Business Apps in Office 365
Business Apps in Office 365
If you are looking for business class email for your company, then you want to have a look at Office 365.
Over recent year across most of the social media platforms, there’s been a noticeable dip in organic reach through social media. In the past, being able to reach your audience organically was relatively easy as long as you were active and posting regularly. But now, the algorithms implemented by the different platforms have directly impacted organic marketing campaigns. Their intention has been to make posts by friends and family much more prominent, which has, in turn, made it more difficult for businesses to reach their potential audience and engage with them – unless they dig deep and pay for sponsored posts of course!
The introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT is fast approaching.
A few years ago we worked with a local fashion boutique to get clear on their plans, and worked together to begin solving immediate issues, and create a profitable future for the business. Last week one of the business leaders joined us for a workshop, where we presented our unique business diagnostic model, The Business Jet Engine.
We live in a world where reviews count. Gone are the days when businesses could operate in isolation without anyone ever talking about them, or having an opportunity to tell them what they think.
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