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This week’s tip comes to you after a situation where a business we know, realised a flaw in their marketing. 🤔
You're Misusing the Word 'Cost'!
You're Misusing the Word 'Cost'!
My friend, investing isn't what's costing you most...
Humans avoid confusion. Clear is kind my friend! 💛
Or is it time to see other people...?
The above the fold real estate on your website is gold - here's how to make the most of it!
If you’ve struggled with Facebook Ads before or maybe you haven’t used them at all before but, know you should, then this week’s tip is perfect for you. You see, when used properly, Facebook Ads are a hugely powerful tool to help grow your business. Now we’re not going to bombard you with all the details of what should be done in a single email, but what we are going to talk about is one area that is usually the bit that has the least amount of time and thought put into it but is arguably the most important part.
Top Tip – Marketing and Maths
Top Tip – Marketing and Maths
You may think this sounds obvious, but at its heart, marketing is all just maths. The success (or failure!) of a campaign is all down to the numbers.
This week's Top Tip is all about your website and a clever little test you can use to make sure it's not costing you leads and sales!
Whether you’re a busy business owner or have a key role in an organisation involving social media content, your top priority should be ensuring you are using your time and energy efficiently.
Did you know 92% of consumers now read online reviews? They are the new stamp of approval (or criticism) for your product or service because they don’t come from you, but from real customers who have used your business and have no obligation to make the company look good. A review can make or break a potential customer’s decision to spend their money with you, so encouraging your existing patrons to leave feedback about their positive experiences can help elevate your reputation and win you new business.
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