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Did you know 92% of consumers now read online reviews? They are the new stamp of approval (or criticism) for your product or service because they don’t come from you, but from real customers who have used your business and have no obligation to make the company look good. A review can make or break a potential customer’s decision to spend their money with you, so encouraging your existing patrons to leave feedback about their positive experiences can help elevate your reputation and win you new business.
Learning from Courgettes At the beginning of lockdown I planted some seeds: courgettes, tomatoes, nasturtiums and radish. It’s now about eight weeks later.
Unprecedented Times
Unprecedented Times
On all levels, life as we know it has been turned upside down. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thoughts and best wishes to all our customers. We hope that on a personal level, you and your families are keeping safe. And from a business perspective, we pray there has been sufficient support for your company to find a way through these difficult times.
Are you trying to juggle?
Are you trying to juggle?
It's not necessarily a skill just for lock-down.
Remember the days of when the doorbell would ring and there stood, with clipboard in hand, was a rep from Company X looking for people’s feedback on their latest product. Annoying as this sometimes was for the consumer, this primitive way of gaining feedback was vital for businesses and their owners to know what their consumers liked and disliked about their “thing”.
How to get things done when you'd rather do nothing.
Navigate your way through the process of entering a business award with this handy, free PDF guide to finding and winning accolades for your business.
Why this family run business could be the knight in shining armour for your business.
Jason Cornes offers invaluable advice to small business owners. The sky is the limit!
Being Human
Being Human
The landscape of social media can be a loud and crowded place. There are a lot of voices clamouring to be heard, and it takes something pretty special to stand out, right?
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