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If you are over 40 and your eyesight isn't quite what it used to be, make an appointment at Eyemasters in Hastings today!
How Serenity can help keep your serene this Christmas when it comes to gift shopping!
Welcoming the new season with seasonal hair and beauty delights.
It's all go at Serenity - from job vacancies to new team members, new products & treatments to seasonal offers.
If you're debating changing your hairstyle, then read on!
Our favourite hair and beauty salon has been delighting more clients!
Wedding Hair
Wedding Hair
A professional, reliable and fabulous team of stylists to make your most important day run smoothly.
There's much to look forward to for the Aspects team!
Get straighter hair for longer with this revolutionary system.
Introducing 'nailtiques'
Introducing 'nailtiques'
We are just so excited to introduce 'nailtiques' into our beauty house! Nailtiques is created to treat individual nail conditions, each formula offers special ingredients to bond the nail layers together. The formulas build strong, yet flexible foundation, that is resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.
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