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How to keep your business visible when the whole world is online
How to keep your business visible when the whole world is online
The past year has forced almost every business to up their virtual presence online. After all, it’s where the world is right now, thanks to lockdowns and social distancing. Whether you run a country pub... View post
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Just a Reminder
Just a Reminder
Here are a few words for your reassurance at upcoming events
The main reason for using asking a qualified professional to prepare your Will is they are fully regulated.
“I should be able to do this myself.” Should you? Really?
So many people wait until the sun is high in the sky before thinking of sunglasses, which is rather missing the point. Low winter sun can be trying, especially in the car on a wet road, but there are many circumstances where sunglass technologies can make like much more comfortable for us. Often, there is simply too much light.
Some may wonder why we put so much emphasis on drinking water while following The 1:1 Diet Plan. There are several reasons. Obviously, water is essential for hydration and for many of the processes that keep our metabolism ticking over. Its importance is reflected in the fact that our bodies are composed of 50-60% water.
As a business owner, you already know your time is your biggest asset, so outsourcing certain tasks will become inevitable as your business grows. Perhaps then it’s sensible to think about proactively outsourcing early doors, rather than waiting to relinquish control until you have no other choice. It could just free up the time you need to catapult your business to success much sooner!
Parent and child fostering is a special kind of foster care where parents can be supported together with their child within a foster family. This generally comprises placing a child with either one or both parents in a safe and secure environment where they learn to cope with parenthood.
So your window cleaner leaves your windows wet? And they've told you "we use pure water so they're supposed to be left wet" The truth is, they're not wrong.
The We(e) Test
The We(e) Test
No, it’s not what you’re thinking. 😂 It’s a test we do every time we put out content. And you should too.
I'll help you find the worlds to change the world!
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