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Important Eye Health Check for the over 40’s
Important Eye Health Check for the over 40’s
If you are over 40 and your eyesight isn't quite what it used to be, make an appointment at Eyemasters in Hastings today! View post
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Less is more
Less is more
This time, I’m not writing about balloons, although it’s about deflation. I’m not selling anything or chatting about entertaining. I’m talking about fundamentally shifting my mind set, getting my gears in action and doing something about my weight. I’ve been overweight for a while and with all the health talk about Covid-19 and the ‘rona virus, as some friends have said. I have been trying to lose weight during lockdown by myself. It didn’t work. I know what I have to do, but wasn’t doing it.
Eyemasters of Hastings is our local innovative supplier of bespoke eyewear. Owned and personally operated by Richard Smith who established Eyemasters over twenty years ago, Eyemasters is a manufacturing optician and a highly regarded supplier of individually styled glasses frames.
What is a loss assessor and how can they save you THOUSANDS of pounds? Simply put, loss assessors are the ones who have YOUR back in the event of a claim! Ever wondered why most people haven’t heard of a loss assessor? Maybe it’s because their existence is a secret that the insurance industry doesn’t want out of the bag. Maybe it’s because when something seems too good to be true it usually is and there’s a catch. But not in this case, loss assessors really can save you money, hassle and valuable time when a disaster strikes and you need to make an insurance claim. If you still need convincing, then read on.
I’ve travelled a lot due to being a balloon artist and performer!
At the time of writing (June 30th 2020) as some businesses are opening up again, the current Government guidelines mean that I cannot entertain at events.
Did you know 92% of consumers now read online reviews? They are the new stamp of approval (or criticism) for your product or service because they don’t come from you, but from real customers who have used your business and have no obligation to make the company look good. A review can make or break a potential customer’s decision to spend their money with you, so encouraging your existing patrons to leave feedback about their positive experiences can help elevate your reputation and win you new business.
ARE YOU THE OWNER, MANAGER, CUSTODIAN, OR TRUSTEE OF A HERITAGE PROPERTY? If so then GBS Insurance Services, local South East based commercial insurance brokers are here to assist with risk management advice and access to the very best insurance products available in the marketplace.
The college is making positive changes to help protect the planet. This year, they are planting 6,000 trees to offset their carbon emissions.
For the protection of all and in line with government guidelines our lovely Battle High Street Office has had to remain closed.
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