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House in Need of Re-wiring? Get Some Professional Advice from Electricians in Hastings
House in Need of Re-wiring? Get Some Professional Advice from Electricians in Hastings
If your property needs re-wiring, make sure you use qualified, trusted electricians in Hastings. View post
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You may see social media predominantly as a place to connect with family and friends, watch hilarious kitten videos, and maybe keep up to date with current affairs. As a tradesperson, you may not have given much thought to how you could be utilising it to grow your business…
Social media platforms seem to forever be changing, adding new features, and altering their favoured post format. There’s always a latest craze or trend: Remember the Harlem Shake and #ThrowbackThursday?
Start With Why
Start With Why
It’s fair to say, as business owners, we’re no strangers to change. And if there’s ever been a more apparent time to talk about change, it’s now. Things change - all of the time; sometimes it’s changes that we’ve set in motion, sometimes it’s unexpected.
Sennelier Oil Sticks
Sennelier Oil Sticks
Sennelier Extra-Fine Solid Oil Sticks permit a new approach to oil painting in both colour and material, offering more freedom of expression for oil painters.
This is a delicious dinner that you enjoy during the colder months. Easy to eat on the go too - just wrap one-half of the filled pittas in some foil to make them easier to hold, and tuck in!
Looking for something warm and filling to celebrate Bonfire Night? This Mexican Beef and Chickpea Chilli is perfect for tucking into after your sparklers have all gone out!
As a business owner, you understand just how important a social media presence is in today’s world. You know social media can be an incredibly effective, affordable and simple way to market your product or service. But here’s the catch, it must be done strategically!
Fancy mixing it up at breakfast time? Why not try this delicious treat. Easy to make, these breakfast muffins can even be enjoyed in bed for those lazy autumn weekends. And at just 100 calories per muffin, they are a healthy addition to any diet.
🤷‍♂‍“Half my advertising works and half doesn’t, but I just don’t know which is which”- John Wanamaker 🤷‍♂‍
Rebecca Conroy has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and Principal of East Sussex College
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