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Spectacles have been passive devices for a long time, often worn with some reluctance. Small wonder, for many years Frame choice was frankly pretty boring, lenses were made of Glass which was often heavy and uncomfortable for the wearer. All of which made for a poor experience, people who wore glasses, especially children, would rather not have had to do so.
Looking for a healthier roast for Christmas day? This is a delicious turkey dinner recipe, where you aren’t missing out at all, you even get to enjoy scrumptious gravy! There can be as much as 1450 calories in your average Christmas roast, so this recipe could save you nearly 1000 calories and you won’t miss out on any of the taste!
If you eat this in a Thai restaurant a single portion can contain a whopping 600 to 900kcals! However, our delicious version, made with courgetti instead of regular noodles, is low in carbs and only 200 kcals per serving. A prefect takeaway replacement that tastes delicious!
This is a delicious dinner that you enjoy during the colder months. Easy to eat on the go too - just wrap one-half of the filled pittas in some foil to make them easier to hold, and tuck in!
Looking for something warm and filling to celebrate Bonfire Night? This Mexican Beef and Chickpea Chilli is perfect for tucking into after your sparklers have all gone out!
Fancy mixing it up at breakfast time? Why not try this delicious treat. Easy to make, these breakfast muffins can even be enjoyed in bed for those lazy autumn weekends. And at just 100 calories per muffin, they are a healthy addition to any diet.
Looking for a way to enjoy pumpkins this spooky season? Then look no further than this hearty autumnal dish. Packed with flavour for only 200 calories per serving!
This week’s recipe is a firm favourite with my slimmer’s, and a tasty meal for anyone, whether you’re following a healthy eating plan or just looking for something new to try.
To celebrate National Curry Week, this week's recipe is a healthy version of a takeaway favourite -Thai Green Chicken Curry.
Colour and type no object!
Colour and type no object!
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