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Have you recently been through a divorce, been made redundant, retired or suffered a bereavement? Or maybe you have experienced a change in your life, such as your children leaving home and you feel like it’s time to plot a new course.
Everyone Is Trying Their Best
Everyone Is Trying Their Best
A blog about giving yourself, and each other, a little grace.
An excellent track record in customer service from this local Hastings business.
The Joy of Napping
The Joy of Napping
My name is Chantelle, and I'm a nap-aholic.
It could be the most important step you take this year!
It’s New Year’s Day 2020 and the internet is flooded with videos and blogs giving you insights and tools into setting your goals for the year. ‘New Year Resolutions’ maybe.
And taking the time to make sure it's right is even better!
Conflict – How to avoid it
Conflict – How to avoid it
Most of us dislike conflict – although you can probably think of someone who seems to thrive on it or even attract it. Generally, though, I think we try to get along with others in the world. It makes the day go easier if we are at ease with those around us and makes for a happier life.
It's all go at Serenity - from job vacancies to new team members, new products & treatments to seasonal offers.
Top tips on how to protect your eyesight, especially as you get older.
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