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Unfortunately for us, Salford wins this coveted award. It appears Salford is suffering more than most in this time of economic turmoil and this spells only bad news for the great businesses that populate the area of Salford.
In a somewhat surprising turnout (Well, to me anyway), it turns out that Salford have saved 2,500 tonnes of rubbish from being sent to landfills in just 2 months! Salford is saving the world one brown bin at a time.
What do you think of the new bin collection policies around Salford?
With festival season approaching, are you worried about making it home with your smartphone?
Will the privatisation of the NHS destroy our society?
Peel Holdings are a big name in Salford, and are perhaps most well known for owning the Trafford Centre, and various other big developments around the city.
It’s no secret that funding for galleries, museums and historic institutions is tight, and that budget cuts have been rife over the last few years. However it now seems that this struggle for money has reached Salford’s own historic house, Ordsall Hall, and it may now be facing closure on Fridays.
Residents in Salford have been outraged recently by the proposed new models from Salford Council, which will see cuts in personal teachers for deaf and blind children in the city.
Gender Equalisation Day
Gender Equalisation Day
In just a few days time, GE (or Gender Equalisation) Day will be taking place throughout the UK. For some, this will bring a long overdue change which sets equal Insurance premiums for both males and females; for others, it will be a nightmare for yearly financial budgets.
It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to commit crimes around the Christmas period, but unfortunately it happens year in year out.
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