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The world of theatre is so varied and unique that no two shows are alike. I even hesitate before calling them ‘shows’ as these productions and performances transcend into something more than just a show, they transcend into a true memorable experience that will light up your imagination.
I am as excited for summer as anyone, I mean, who isn’t looking forward to enjoy warm and sunny weather for a change!? There is one minor problem – this is a British summer we are talking about and it is about as reliable as the local bus service. But don’t worry; I have you covered for when the weather refuses to make us happy!
Salford Red Devils Versus Widnes Vikings, Etihad Stadium, Manchester, KO 2:45pm.
Saturday 17th May 2014 will be the 45th Anniversary of Salford Rugby League Club's last trip to Wembley, the day when Legendary chairman Brian Snape led his ‘Quality Street Gang’ out in front of 97,939 spectators onto the famous turf as they battled Castleford for the glorious Challenge Cup.
As the superhero genre grows within film, we are faced with a troubling problem – when are we going to get tired of these comic book films? It is the most profitable film genre at the moment and film studios are desperate to churn superhero film after superhero film because they are guarantees at the box office.
"She is nearly six feet tall, with the poised, rangy figure of a dancer or a Californian tennis player, has hazel eyes and dark hair, worn in a style she cannot classify, though it could be Italian."
What is the secret to success? It is a question that has boggled the greatest of minds and people in the world. What is that secret formula that guarantees that you can make a steady living? These are hard times we live in and there are a multitude of books and people you can turn to for advice and help in becoming successful – one such man is Brad Burton.
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has been protecting the coasts of Britain since 1824. They are a dedicated group of individuals that specializes in saving lives at sea all around Britain, with only 40,000 volunteers. They are like a Superhero team but better and more relevant! Sure they are a fantastic group, but what does this have to do with the lovely Salford people?
After many years, and a few unfortunate set backs and delays, the plans for regenerating the Pendleton area have been given the green light. Finally! I can’t express how great this is for the people of Salford enough but what actually does regeneration mean for Pendleton?
Elysium Review
Elysium Review
When District 9 was released, in 2009, it was a hit with the audiences as well as the critics and as directorial debuts go – you won’t find many better. It was a refreshing and unique take on the alien sci-fi genre that also tackled some pretty big socio-economic problems that are a lot more real than we like to believe. Everything clicked and everything worked. Can Neill Blomkamp mirror his first success with his second film: Elysium.
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