Salford Council Cuts for Disabled Children
25th January 2013
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Residents in Salford have been outraged recently by the proposed new models from Salford Council, which will see cuts in personal teachers for deaf and blind children in the city. This will even mean that deaf children who have had specialist teachers for years will have them taken away, and not get the personal attention they need for learning. There are just under 500 hundreds visually and hearing impaired children in Salford and many of these will be affected by the cuts, with local people and parents pointing out that they will no longer have a fair chance in education.

Teaching assistants for deaf and blind children have had years of experience working with these kinds of cases, many of them building special relationships with the pupils, so normal teaching assistants in schools can’t even compare. However for many children with disabilities such as these in Salford, the help of these regular assistants may be all they get in the future, should the cuts go ahead.

On Saturday, Salford residents are holding a meeting to discuss these cuts for children with disabilities, and what they can do to stop it. This meeting will be at Swinton British Legion at 11am, so go along and have your say!

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