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Festivals are a fantastic way to bring people together. Whether we are talking about music, film or food festivals, they all have this amazing power to bring a wide variety of people together under one collective interest. The summer is always packed full of great festivals to attend but there is one in particular you should be paying extra close attention to…
I know it is November and you might be getting ever so slightly fed up of people going on about Christmas as if it were mid December, but just hear me out. The event I want to tell you about is so wonderful and magical that I want to give you plenty of notice to clear your whole schedule!
Bonfire Night is literally just around the corner. It is so close that you can almost smell the smoke and hear the pop of the fireworks! Bonfire Night is a weird night, in the grand scheme of things, as we are actively encouraged to groom the pyromaniac inside us all and burning wood is a public spectacle!
Going to the Pantomime, as a child, is the best signifier of a Christmas that is just around the corner. School is finished for a few weeks, they have written their letters (or emails) to Santa and all that is left to do is wait for that special day. What is better at getting you in the Christmas spirit and killing some time for the kids than a Christmas Pantomime!?
People talk about how Christmas is the ultimate time of the year that brings everyone together, and how Christmas is the ultimate time of celebration and joy to be enjoyed by all. I’m guessing those people have never experienced Halloween in Salford!
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Last week saw news of Salford Council proposing a ban on the sale of fast food to children during school hours.
Are you looking for fun and cheap ways to entertain the kids this Easter? Well there’s plenty going on around Salford, with Easter Bunny Hunts taking place in areas all over the city.
It’s no secret that funding for galleries, museums and historic institutions is tight, and that budget cuts have been rife over the last few years. However it now seems that this struggle for money has reached Salford’s own historic house, Ordsall Hall, and it may now be facing closure on Fridays.
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