Fortnightly bin collection in Salford areas
20th June 2013
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What do you think of the new bin collection policies around Salford?

As many of you will know, several areas around Salford have now had their bin collection policies changed, so that the black waste bins will now only emptied fortnightly.

Since all the different recycling bins came into the equation, many residents now take pride in recycling as many materials as possible, and find it difficult to have the bins collected on a varying rota, rather than weekly. It has however now outraged many Salford residents that have recently been told their general waste bin will only be emptied fortnightly, and many fear that the streets will be littered by overflowing bins.

For larger families, a fortnightly bin collection is bordering on ridiculous. More people in a household obviously means more waste, and by the end of the fortnight they will inevitably be struggling for space. While the council may think this will encourage more recycling, what they don’t understand is that most people around Salford are in fact very good at recycling, and certain materials simply have to go in the bin. As this is yet to affect the entire city of Salford, we can only hope it is a test run that isn’t made permanent!

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