The ideal phone for festival goers?
22nd April 2013
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With festival season approaching, are you worried about making it home with your smartphone?

There are many worries for festival goers; will I end up getting lost? How will I find my tent in the dark? Am I taking enough beer? But with a sea of social media addicts now taking over the world, the most important question is perhaps, what will become of my smartphone at a festival? With the vast majority of the population now owning the likes of an iPhone or Blackberry, taking these expensive gadgets to festivals can indeed be a worry. But if you’re not one for losing your phone every time you have a couple of pints, what about battery life?

I’m yet to meet a person who can make the battery life of an iPhone last longer than a day, so forking out for a charging locker at festivals is a must. But what if I told you there was a phone that can last over a month on just one charge? Yes, it sounds like an urban legend, but in fact Nokia really have invented such a phone. Given that it looks like the phone your Mum had in the 90’s, it would seem this phone is a step back from all the new technology of smartphones. However, for those that love to travel or go to festivals, it could be a dream come true.

It’s up to you if you still trust yourself enough to take your iPhone or Blackberry to a festival (because you obviously need to check in on Facebook when you arrive!) but when these Nokias hit the UK market, it might be worth investing the massive £13 (yes £13!!) on one, and perhaps save yourself a lot of money replacing your smartphone.

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