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You’ve got the holiday tickets booked and your body and mind are all but ready for 2 weeks of relaxation on the beach – you’ve earned it! I say all but ready because you might be getting a little bit stressed about your ‘beach body’.
I know exactly what you are thinking. You have seen enough Bruce Lee movies to know how to defend yourself, even going as far as watching Enter The Dragon at least 50 times. Well, I’m here to tell you that isn’t enough and if you are interested in some real training that look no further than Red Sun Karate!
In recent times, Salford University has undergone a makeover – developing their facilities as well as opening up a state of the art campus at MediaCityUK, right next to the likes of BBC and ITV. It is no doubt a great place to study but is Salford suited to student living?
For college students, it is that time of the year when you must start getting serious about your university choices. It is a big and life changing decision – Where do you want to go? What course do you want to do? Are you making the right decision?
In the current political climate, when discussing the environment and our way of life, the word “sustainable” is thrown around an awful lot. Sustainable means conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. You know that, I know that – but what does that mean for Salford?
Ever wondered how your credit score affects your life?
Have you applied to Salford University for September?
It’s no secret that funding for galleries, museums and historic institutions is tight, and that budget cuts have been rife over the last few years. However it now seems that this struggle for money has reached Salford’s own historic house, Ordsall Hall, and it may now be facing closure on Fridays.
Residents in Salford have been outraged recently by the proposed new models from Salford Council, which will see cuts in personal teachers for deaf and blind children in the city.
Bamber Sew Sewing Classes
Bamber Sew Sewing Classes
Bamber Sewing Machines is a specialist store in Eccles, Salford, which has been selling a vast array of top quality sewing machines, patterns, and overlockers since 1946.
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