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Who would have thought that, way back in 2007, Marvel would become this reliable and bankable brand? They seem to be able to do no wrong and ever since they released the mega popular Avengers Assembles they are going from strength to strength, releasing 2 fantastic films a year.
I have mentioned in previous reviews that the summer blockbuster season is rife with sequels, prequels and reboots (with most failing to impress) but with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we are faced with a unique film that is actually a sequel to the prequel of the reboot of the original film ‘Planet of the Apes’.
As a society we love and crave any sense of nostalgia. That mindset of ‘it used to be better in my day’ will always exist as adults look back on their childhood as the best childhood, whether they are talking about music, sights or just what television they watched when they were kiddies.
The world of theatre is so varied and unique that no two shows are alike. I even hesitate before calling them ‘shows’ as these productions and performances transcend into something more than just a show, they transcend into a true memorable experience that will light up your imagination.
Here we go with ANOTHER sequel to throw into the boiling, inconsistent mess that is the summer blockbuster season. A season that will bring us more movies from the likes of Transformers, Planet of the Apes & Marvel but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! I mean, I could probably live without another Transformers but for a sequel from the talented team behind How To Train Your Dragon? Yes, please.
Festivals are a fantastic way to bring people together. Whether we are talking about music, film or food festivals, they all have this amazing power to bring a wide variety of people together under one collective interest. The summer is always packed full of great festivals to attend but there is one in particular you should be paying extra close attention to…
I am as excited for summer as anyone, I mean, who isn’t looking forward to enjoy warm and sunny weather for a change!? There is one minor problem – this is a British summer we are talking about and it is about as reliable as the local bus service. But don’t worry; I have you covered for when the weather refuses to make us happy!
Salford welcomed a strong Hull KR team to the AJ Bell Stadium on Saturday night 10th May for a fixture neither side could afford to lose. The Red Devils had dropped to 12th in the table prior to kick-off as a result of Wakefield Trinity’s victory over Widnes on Friday night. With the heavens opening it wasn’t a surprise to see a lower than expected crowd (just under 4,000) coming out to see if Salford could deliver the goods.
Saturday 17th May 2014 will be the 45th Anniversary of Salford Rugby League Club's last trip to Wembley, the day when Legendary chairman Brian Snape led his ‘Quality Street Gang’ out in front of 97,939 spectators onto the famous turf as they battled Castleford for the glorious Challenge Cup.
As the superhero genre grows within film, we are faced with a troubling problem – when are we going to get tired of these comic book films? It is the most profitable film genre at the moment and film studios are desperate to churn superhero film after superhero film because they are guarantees at the box office.
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