Will the privatisation of the NHS destroy our society?
5th April 2013
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Will the privatisation of the NHS destroy our society?

This week has seen new clauses brought into the government’s Health and Social Care Act which have proven very worrying with regards to changes within in the NHS. As with many schemes thought up by our current government alliance, it has a lot to do with money, and GPs are being pressured to refer patients who need further care to private organisations, rather than to NHS hospitals. These private companies are of course for profit, rather than for the overall welfare of patients, and there have already been several casualties at the hands of organisations that simply don’t care.

The Salford NHS Support Group in particular is urging local GPs to not commission care from private companies, and if they must do so, to be sure they are sending patients to ones of extremely high quality. It seems like many areas of society, the government are slowly creeping into the NHS to rob us of our free health care once and for all. This would of course take many years, but could create difficult times for future generations, who simply cannot afford private healthcare.

For more information or to voice opinions, you can visit these websites www.keepournhspublic.com and www.salfordnhssupportgroup.org.uk

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