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Festivals are a fantastic way to bring people together. Whether we are talking about music, film or food festivals, they all have this amazing power to bring a wide variety of people together under one collective interest. The summer is always packed full of great festivals to attend but there is one in particular you should be paying extra close attention to…
I know it is November and you might be getting ever so slightly fed up of people going on about Christmas as if it were mid December, but just hear me out. The event I want to tell you about is so wonderful and magical that I want to give you plenty of notice to clear your whole schedule!
Do You Love Cakes?
Do You Love Cakes?
Ofcourse you do! That is probably one of the most redundant questions I have ever written. I don’t want to discriminate against non-cake lovers but even they love cakes, they just don’t know it yet!
Well that’s easy, because this is such a big and significant festival you would have to do a very good job of avoiding any part of it around Salford! The month is jam-packed (see what I did there) with a vast array of food events that celebrate our love and adoration for all things edible.
In the current political climate, when discussing the environment and our way of life, the word “sustainable” is thrown around an awful lot. Sustainable means conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. You know that, I know that – but what does that mean for Salford?
Vintage Cafe and Bar
Vintage Cafe and Bar
When you think of relaxing and unwinding with a cup of coffee and your favourite book, you’ll be forgiven if Eccles isn’t the first place that springs to mind.
Salford’s newest addition, serving delicious homemade baked goods and other tempting treats, comes in the form of ‘Bexter’s Coffee Company, situated in Boothstown, just off Leigh Road.
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