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As a society we love and crave any sense of nostalgia. That mindset of ‘it used to be better in my day’ will always exist as adults look back on their childhood as the best childhood, whether they are talking about music, sights or just what television they watched when they were kiddies.
The world of theatre is so varied and unique that no two shows are alike. I even hesitate before calling them ‘shows’ as these productions and performances transcend into something more than just a show, they transcend into a true memorable experience that will light up your imagination.
Festivals are a fantastic way to bring people together. Whether we are talking about music, film or food festivals, they all have this amazing power to bring a wide variety of people together under one collective interest. The summer is always packed full of great festivals to attend but there is one in particular you should be paying extra close attention to…
I’m just going to cut straight to the chase with this blog; there is somewhere that you NEED to be this weekend starting with Saturday 17th May. Drop your plans; get the kids and head down to Eccles for an extremely special event – Celebrating Eccles 2014!
There is no denying that the redevelopment of Salford Quays has reaped endless benefits for Salford and the local people. The introduction of the BBC and ITV has injected employment into a run-down area – making Salford a much more attractive prospect to the rest of the UK.
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has been protecting the coasts of Britain since 1824. They are a dedicated group of individuals that specializes in saving lives at sea all around Britain, with only 40,000 volunteers. They are like a Superhero team but better and more relevant! Sure they are a fantastic group, but what does this have to do with the lovely Salford people?
After many years, and a few unfortunate set backs and delays, the plans for regenerating the Pendleton area have been given the green light. Finally! I can’t express how great this is for the people of Salford enough but what actually does regeneration mean for Pendleton?
Well that’s easy, because this is such a big and significant festival you would have to do a very good job of avoiding any part of it around Salford! The month is jam-packed (see what I did there) with a vast array of food events that celebrate our love and adoration for all things edible.
Staying safe abroad
Staying safe abroad
You wouldn’t think it from the weather we’ve been having in Salford, but it is in fact summer time once again.
Last week the media all over the UK has been buzzing with the news that the Museum of Science and Industry could face closure in the near future.
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