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4th January 2021
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Here's the thing: It's all very well having brilliantly written copy on your website, attention-catching email campaigns and jazzy social media captions.

Those things are super important, and they will bring new customers to your door and engage your prospects in meaningful dialogue.

However, you also need to be prepared for ACTUAL dialogue, because you do not want to be the business owner that finds themselves stumbling over their 'ums', 'uhs' and 'sort of' when someone asks you: "What does your business do?" 

Do you have an answer ready? Can you summarise in one or two snappy sentences exactly what your business is about, what you do and how you do it?

If, like a lot of people, the answer is a resounding 'No!' then it may just be time to start thinking about your pitch.

What is an elevator pitch?

Your pitch is the go-to response when someone asks you to tell them about your business, what you do, or most importantly, why they should invest their hard-earned money in your services.

You’ll need it for online and in-person networking events and you’ll need it for casual business chats too!

5 steps to your perfect pitch

Delivering your elevator pitch for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience, so ensuring you have it down to an art is vital; it relieves the stage fright and boosts your self-confidence. 

Build your simple, elegant but effective pitch with these 5 steps:

1. Who are you?

“Good Morning, my name is _____ and I run _____ .”

2. Who do you help?

“I work with _____ who want to/need to _____ .”

3. How do you help them?

“I help them to _____ by working with them on_____ .”

4. What results do you get?

“My clients see results like _____ which enable them to  _____ .”

5. What you want:

“I’m looking for any introductions to business owners who you know are currently _____ and would like to be _____ .”

And that’s it! 5 mini steps to the perfect elevator pitch that doesn’t sell you short.


Struggling to find the right words? 

Get in touch, let’s see if I can help!

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