Top Tip Tuesday #46 – Talk About The Result
15th September 2020
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Top Tip Tuesday #46 – Talk About The Result

 This week’s tip comes to you after a situation where a business we know, realised a flaw in their marketing. 🤔

They help people with their Google Ads and Facebook Ads and they are very good at what they do. However, a lot of their marketing and follow up conversations talk about how the ads work, how they get setup and what happens in the background to produce the results. 😵

Very quickly they realised the key point of this week’s tip, and that is –

👉Not everyone wants to know how things work and how to do it themselves. There are plenty of customers that just want things done. 👈

You see different people have different perspectives, different focuses and different skills.

The key is recognising that there's people, quite a lot of them, that once they’ve decided they want something doing or a result, they just want it done. There are things that we all want but have no interest in knowing how it’s built, or produced. We just want it here.

Some of your customers feel exactly the same, because not all of them want to learn how it happens or what the process is. They just want it done. And at least some of the business in question’s marketing going forward, will now be about,

"Hey, look, we can just DO this for you, don't worry about the detail. We can make it happen for you, just like that!" 👌

👀 So have a look at your marketing.

Do you go into too much detail?

Could you just talk about the results you produce, or the experience you give? 🤔

Have a think and if you want us to help you see things from an external point of view then give us a shout.


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