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13th August 2021
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Social Media

Understanding which platform your customers mainly use will help you to reach your target audience.  The main aim on social media is to make sure that you are posting out information every day but that the information is relevant to your audience.  You want to share knowledge, promote your business and allow your customers/future customers to receive information for free. The main art of using social media platforms is to share, share, share, then you will receive.  It takes a customer 8 times to view something before they enquire or buy.

Monthly Newsletter

Keeping in touch with your customers through email is another great way to market your business.  Not only does it create strong relationships but you again are sending regular updates and information about your business.  Make sure you have created a customer email list in order for your newsletter to work. 

Customer Referral Programme

Everybody loves a reward, no matter how big or small, especially if a customer feels like they have helped you.  A referral programme is when you, as a business owner, ask your customers to tell their friends/family about what you offer and to be rewarded they will receive a discount or free product etc. Referral programmes are a great way to get your business out there via word and mouth. 

Networking Events

Attending events is always useful for your business. Not only does this mean you network with other business owners and grow your connection list but usually at networking events you can learn and develop your knowledge.

Form a Partnership

Creating partnerships with businesses related to your industry is a great way to be noticed. Don’t be afraid to reach out and come up with a project or event that you can do together. This will help your business to be noticed at a wider level.  Not only will you reach a wider audience but you would have created a solid business partnership, another person who will refer your business to clients/friends.

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