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Here at Allumi we personally prefer treats over tricks in Autumn!
Following the launch of their new fabulous fragrange, Purity, Allumi took a stand at Southport Flower Show this year.
Allumi Launches Purity!
Allumi Launches Purity!
Allumi have had a fun and very busy month getting ready for their exciting new range, and now they’re thrilled to announce the official launch of their third exclusive fragrance, Purity.
I wanted to create a luxurious home fragrance collection that uses pure, natural and non-harmful ingredients. My aim is to bring a touch of glamour to any interior space with a product that is superior to your high street alternatives. I’m now very proud to present Allumi.
Allumi is a Local Company run by Ally Houghton. Ally has been an interior designer for over 25 years and has recently launched her home fragrance range 9 months ago after a few years of researching beforehand.
Bolton Lock Company is based in Westhoughton, Bolton, and is our leading independent supplier of locks and other physical and electronic security equipment.
We are judged upon a number of things in our daily lives, especially businesses people. It is said that when we meet someone we establish whether we like them, respect them, want to do business with them, and a lot more, within the first few seconds, by the time we have made eye contact (or not) and shaken hands we have formed judgements.
Many of us take the Central Heating in our property for granted, until it stops working, by which time it may be too late. Considering how much we rely on Central Heating it would make sense to give it the same level of ‘TLC’ that we give to our cars.
For most people their bathroom is a highly personal living space within the home that needs to be both functional and comfortable, a friendly place where one can relax during a hot soak given chance.
Security systems are intended to protect property and people by their presence discouraging the bad guys from intruding into one’s property because they stand a better chance of being caught!
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