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SALE STARTS @ 10AM TOMORROW (FRIDAY 4TH AUGUST) at Global Interiors for their MASSIVE £648,000 refurbishment sale.
Oven Rescue are fantastic oven cleaners in Bolton who say they can make your oven look like brand new, like the day you bought it!
We are judged upon a number of things in our daily lives, especially businesses people. It is said that when we meet someone we establish whether we like them, respect them, want to do business with them, and a lot more, within the first few seconds, by the time we have made eye contact (or not) and shaken hands we have formed judgements.
Many of us take the Central Heating in our property for granted, until it stops working, by which time it may be too late. Considering how much we rely on Central Heating it would make sense to give it the same level of ‘TLC’ that we give to our cars.
For most people their bathroom is a highly personal living space within the home that needs to be both functional and comfortable, a friendly place where one can relax during a hot soak given chance.
Security systems are intended to protect property and people by their presence discouraging the bad guys from intruding into one’s property because they stand a better chance of being caught!
Eckersley’s Removals will look after your personal possessions as though they are their own, with the greatest of care.
House buying and selling is such a major event in our lives and because this is the largest purchase most of us are likely to make it is wise to put in some effort in advance. We offer some ideas that may help.
Storms have battered Britain with extreme winds and rain causing serious damage to properties, so don’t wait until it is too late to protect your home from Doris. Winds and rain can put a large amount of pressure on the structure of your home, therefore it is important to protect your home from the possible effects of the next storm.
New year, new house
New year, new house
Have you decided that 2017 is the year you’re going to move house? Well don’t worry, because our bestof Bolton members are here to help you.
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