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Increasingly people are working from home, consequently the growth of the home office is growing apace. Not only is home working liberating, and one can work in an environment of choice rather than a stuffy office building that is hard to get to and costs the earth literally and logistically, but it allows easier access to family and friends.
The pre-spring season is the most exciting time of year for lovers of gardens and of gardening. As the ground temperature begins to rise the many spring bulbs prepare to herald the season of new growth, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, hellebores and so many more are quick to flower bringing colour to the flower beds and pleasure to the observer.
4D Garden Design is a local family run business offering top quality garden solutions to Bolton and the North West.
New year, new house
New year, new house
Have you decided that 2017 is the year you’re going to move house? Well don’t worry, because our bestof Bolton members are here to help you.
Painting wooden fences is not the best pastime known to man or woman, depending upon the size of the fence it may be a trial of endurance that needs to be revisited annually.
One Designer Mixer, Five Swarovski Options, Indulge Yourself
Swarovski Genuine Taps & Showers
Swarovski Genuine Taps & Showers
Love Swarovski, Love Sparkle, Love Design, Love Maier #getthemaierlook
Spring cleaning though can be back aching work, not a problem for some but for busy people and those who simply cannot do housework there is help at hand.
Poinsettia Day is taking place on 12th December this year and Westwells Florist have a many different poinsettias to choose from, read on for more information.
“Woof” / “Hi”, Newton the office dog here. I thought I would give you a bit of an insight into my first couple of weeks in the office with the first of my ‘dog blogs’.
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