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Have you had a complaint from a customer? Don't panic, as Shopper Anonymous have 5 tips to help you write the perfect response.
Andrew Dickson, Chief Executive of the WOW FACTOR, talks about management speak that makes no sense and detracts from what is really being said.
Accidents involving vehicles are never good. The first concern is your health. But what about your car? If you or a friend has had an accident, there are so many reasons why you should choose Perfect Finish, Bolton.
Karen Willcock, an Advanced Acupuncturist and Practice Principal at Bolton Therapy Centre, on Chorley Old Road, says that acupuncture can often be better than prescription drugs as a treatment for patients with many types of sleeping problems.
In recent weeks, many of the headlines have been dominated by the discovery that some of the meat being sold in supermarkets is actually horse. Now is the time to use a local butchers, and Barrons Of Beef are the best.
After a long hard Winter (which looks to be continuing with the recent snow that's hit the country), your car may not be in the best shape it has ever been. This could cause a problem, especially when it is MOT time. Whitecroft Garage can help.
The age-old debate can still be found raging beneath closed doors; a debate concerning whether to move to a new house, or to stay put, and extend your current location. With a relaxing of the planning regulations, that decision may be a little easier. Click for more.
Nobody likes to pay insurance, but you're glad it's there when you need. But what if you could have an insurance on your insurance, specifically your car insurance? Perfect Finish have a great solution to those pesky excess payments: XS Paid. Click for more.
Lessons to be learnt from receiving bad customer service in a local restaurant. These lessons apply to any business owner or staff member. Business sabotage is unacceptable at any time but so often goes unnoticed!
A fantastic new website has just been launched with the aim of simplifying language and increasing understanding.
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