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Determining the correct type of tow bar for your needs can be confusing. Do you know your flange from your swan neck? Fixed or detachable? Here's our introduction to tow bars to help you choose what's right for you.
Lexus has revised its CT 200h range for the 2017 model year, introducing more choice with a reprofiled Sport version and new Executive Edition grade, plus new equipment features and options across the board.
Bradshaw Bennett are always looking for ways that they can help their clients, which is why they can now provide dash cams for vehicles!
Why not treat yourself this Christmas to a new car from Lexus? They offer new and used cars to suit everyone!
A very happy birthday to Crompton Way Motors who celebrate their 7th birthday in November.
Bolton Wanderers goalkeeper Ross Fitzsimons bought his girlfriend's new car from Fish Motors recently.
Everyone at Fish Motors was thrilled when top fisherman and minor celebrity Mark Pollard bought his daughters first car from them.
Great news, the power is with car owners when it comes to servicing and maintaining their vehicles in warranty and no longer the dealers. Lostock Motor Works offer dealer level service at independant garage prices.
Fish Motors have become members of ours recently, so here's everything you need to know about them.
You shouldn't be scared of visiting your local car garage, and Lostock Motor Works want to help reassure you why.
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