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If you are looking for something to do in Bolton but on a budget? Here is your local guide to all the things you can do around Bolton completely free!
The North West’s only dedicated Choir for cancer patients and cancer survivors is holding a recruitment drive to share their joy of singing and encourage others to find their voices and harness the power of song to help them through treatment and in to survivorship.
Glen Mortimer runs the fantastic Stirling Academy. Drama classes on Halliwell Road which is open to children aged 6-18! We asked Glen a few questions of what it's like to be in business
The next Bolton Handmade Market is taking place on 7th June at The Holiday Inn from 10am until 4pm and applications for traders are being taken from 2nd May!
November has a special place in our heart at the best of Bolton, because it’s National Blog Posting Month, and of course, here at the best of Bolton we love writing blogs!
Do you feel like you spend too long at work? I know many people believe they do, and work long hours of overtime, often unpaid, with little or no thanks from their employers. That’s why Working Families launched National Work Life Week, to address the balance between working life and home life.
Check out Helio Fitness's excellent new pricing structure, website and class timetable.
It’s time to start thinking about how to keep the children entertained during the 6 - or 7 week break. With our best of Bolton members everyone is sure to have a good time once school’s out.
Exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The personal trainers at Helio Fitness can help you reach your fitness goal.
Over the past two years the Bolton Atlantic Team have been raising vital funds and awareness to support Bolton Lads and Girls Club’s Junior Mentoring project. After completing their epic 3,000 mile rowing race across the Atlantic the team and bosses at BLGC are urging for more people to sign up to become a mentor to support them with their waiting list, currently at over 180 children.
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