How Domestic CCTV Keeps Your Home Safer
3rd April 2017
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Security systems are intended to protect property and people by their presence discouraging the bad guys from intruding into one’s property because they stand a better chance of being caught!

Therefore, any electronic surveillance systems that do that are to be recommended. Because most thieves are opportunists looking for a quick fix, often literally, they will seek any property without security protection, let’s make sure that isn’t your home or business.

CCTV systems are traditionally recording devices that provided a historical view of who broke in. However, they now have a very strong preventative role in showing that the householder is taking security seriously, simply seeing that a home is protected by Intruder Alarm systems and CCTV will be enough for them to pass you by. In addition, having a camera that will show you who is at your door, with an intercom so you can speak to them, will provide a level of security and confidence that will be most welcome.

Bolton Alarms can advise homeowners about the correct security system for each individual house, they also design and install the systems for any property.

Technology has moved on from the days of grainy black and white images caught on a video tape. Historically, CCTV could at best tell the operator that people had entered the premises at a particular time and, if one was lucky, provide an suitable image to allow the police to track them down.

Modern day high tech CCTV systems use digital technology, with startlingly clear colour images, inbuilt time recording that cannot be tampered with, and using modern transmission technology can allow one to view the location from a mobile phone. This means that homeowners and business people can have surveillance in ‘real time’ and quite literally keep an eye on the family home, or business premises. 21st Century CCTV is computer based allowing an impressive amount of flexibility and storage of data.

Bolton Alarms is a family run local business who have more than seventeen years’ experience of security provision. They are able to advise on Intruder Alarms and CCTV for the home and other residential premises.

They offer a no obligation quotation or demonstration of their services that can be seen in the comfort of your own home or business.

Give Bolton Alarms a call on 01204 292051 to find out more!

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