2nd August 2018
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I wanted to create a luxurious home fragrance collection that uses pure, natural and non-harmful ingredients. My aim is to bring a touch of glamour to any interior space with a product that is superior to your high street alternatives. I’m now very proud to present Allumi.

I’m often asked how I came up with the name Allumi. The truth is that my Son came up with the idea. One evening I was sat at home with a notebook, scratching out hundreds of ideas, running them all past my Son for approval. After several hours of “what do you think of this?” eventually my son turned around to me and said “why don’t you just call it Allumi?”.

It was a stroke of genius. It felt like he’d turned the lightbulb on. Allumi combines Allyson with Illumination. It incorporates my personal identity with the idea of bringing a little light and happiness to someone’s life through my fragrance collection. I knew immediately that it was the right choice.

Now for the logo, which features a candle within a lotus ower.

I wanted the logo to re ect my decision to use pure and natural ingredients in my products. I don’t use harmul chemicals, paraf n or alcohols, which makes my range of fragrance environmentally friendly, intense, and better for your health than high street alternatives.

The lotus ower is a symbol of purity and beauty, re ecting luxury and the exotica, and so it felt like a perfect fit! 

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Allumi are an amazing local company run by Ally Houghton, they have an amazing home fragrance collection.

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