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The Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa in Bromley Cross, Bolton is delighted to offer apprenticeship opportunities to 18-year-old Nathan Pilling and 16-year-old Lucy Cuff as they take their first steps in their career.
KS1 SATs... What are they?
KS1 SATs... What are they?
Key Stage 1 SATs are compulsory tests that are carried out across the whole school population of Primary School Children in England. The Standard Assessment Tests, better known as SATs, start at the age seven years and continue until the age of fourteen; though only Years 2 (age 7) and 6 (age 11) are now compulsory.
KS2 SATs... What are they?
KS2 SATs... What are they?
Key Stage 2 SATs are compulsory tests as a follow-on to Key Stage 1 SATs. Key Stage 2 SATs in English and Maths are taken at the end of Year 6.
Vocational Skills Training is the key that can open many doors to gaining a successful career, finding your way through the maze of opportunities and funding options is made easier by the Professionals at Bright Direction Training, after all,
The school holidays are just around the corner, and Bolton Tuition Centre are so pleased to announce they are holding a Summer School again this year!
Bright Direction Training have an amazing range of training courses and apprenticeships available.
They are much more special than that, because every client that passes through their doors is unique and deserves above average training.
Amazing News! With all of the recent goings on with secondary school places, Bolton Tuition Centre are pleased to announce they received a 100% pass rate for the entrance exams!
SATs will soon be on their way and may seem like the scariest thing for your child right now, but don’t worry as Bolton Tuition Centre are here to help!
Learning new skills are important in business. However, people are busy and often don't have the time to spend away on training. Also, budgets are tight.
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