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Control Alt Delete are IT flexible support specialists for small businesses in and around Bolton. Countless businesses rely on Control Alt Delete to create computer setups and solutions that are tailor-made to meet their specific needs.
Keep Your WiFi Secure
Keep Your WiFi Secure
When we think about cyber security we tend to think about passwords, unsafe websites and viruses attached to emails. One thing that is often overlooked is the security of our own wireless networks themselves.
We take a look at how to ensure your passwords are as secure as possible.
How Full Circle saved Christmas
How Full Circle saved Christmas
It was early December and Father Christmas was pacing around the workshop, muttering under his breath. The elves were getting worried, he had been doing this for a few hours now, so one little elf stepped up. “Hey Santa! What are you doing?” he asked.
If you have any personal computers or tablets in your office or workplace, here are some handy tips to keep them secure over Christmas.
I’m sure by now that everybody has seen the news over the weekend about the Malware attack on the NHS and other organisations worldwide. We are anticipating some concern from customers and thought it would be a good idea to detail what has happened over the weekend and what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen to any of your computers.
Getting the best out of Mobile Phone batteries is vital, and as most people use them this is a universally important concern. Not only is it inconvenient when the battery runs down but it can be costly for business people, and it could be a Health and Safety issue.
Here, Chris Dawes from Scruffymonkey Digital Media explains what a typical day is like for him
Lostock IT Services is based in Westhoughton, Bolton, and is run by local businessman and technical specialist Jon Melia. Mr Melia is a business performance improvement consultant and chartered accountant.
We asked Jon Melia from Lostock IT Services a few questions of what it's like to be in business and this is what he said.
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