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Dog owners and those who love dogs in general usually have big hearts, and is common knowledge that walking the family pooch will bring doggy people together and often friendships are formed.
During Halloween and bonfire night season please remember to look after your four-legged friends. Fireworks, people in costumes knocking on the door, flashes of light and other things that pets would not normally experience can be terrifying. This could result in them behaving unpredictably which could put their safety at risk.
Is my dog overweight?
Is my dog overweight?
An overweight dog is an unhealthy dog. Dog owners generally know the healthiness of their dog quite well, with proper feeding and exercise one’s best friend can be kept in trim, but our dogs can put on weight without us noticing.
The Last Visit is a guide for those that work with animals and their owners or handlers. It was written from a veterinary perspective and discusses the do's and dont's surrounding pet loss. When a client loses a pet, be it through illness or injury, they will be seeking support, advice and most of all understanding.
Regan Veterinary Group are running a 3 months promotion for dog and cat neutering and have some fantastic packages available between 1st April and the end of June.
To many people their pets are an essential part of life, for some they are companionship, for others their best friend and the relationship that one has with a pet can be deeply personal.
I have received today 16th March 2016, my Level 3 certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling.
There is a change happening under the Law of the Land. Under the new rules, The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2014 rule that all dogs, over eight weeks old, must have a chip fitted under their skin.
We’ve been getting quite a lot of warm weather recently which is fantastic, but on the other hand, we need to take extra care of our pets, read on for more information from Regan Veterinary Group.
The month of May is Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month and is a national, annual event to help promote the career that is often misunderstood.
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