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Being part of the local property scene for well over twenty-five years Edwards Sales and Letting are a major part of the Bolton community. Situated in Bromley Cross this family business has been giving excellent service to a generation of local home seekers.
New year, new house
New year, new house
Have you decided that 2017 is the year you’re going to move house? Well don’t worry, because our bestof Bolton members are here to help you.
What is Home Staging? It is the practice of making one’s home look stunning in preparation for selling it. Many of us have done this, attempted to turn one’s home into a show house because people will be coming around to check it out.
Adding space to your property, an ‘outside’ room maybe, or a much-needed dining room? Whatever the reason, getting it right is vitally important because a perfect conservatory will add value to any home, a less than perfect one can knock a chunk off the value.
Exciting News for Release my Equity, they have been shortlisted for the Equity Release Awards 2016 in the Best Sole Trader Category.
By definition a handyman is someone who is capable, skilled, and able to do occasional repairs and run-of-the-mill-tasks around property. However, finding a good one is another matter.
Private homes are an attractive opportunity for would be thieves, most such thieves are opportunists, if they see an easy opportunity they will go for it. Making sure that valuables are kept safe is therefore essential, and what could be more valuable than family? So how can we maintain security of our property and the occupants?
Pretty much everyone who has a garden, has fence panels. When it gets round to summer, we all get the dreaded feeling when they look distressed and rotten… They need painting (ugh)!
The Purple Property Shop are looking for a Senior Sales Negotiator to join their fantastic team.
Ok, so we’re not really saving the world, but we are doing our very best to try and help the world and the environment we live in.
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