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There is always so much going on at the Bolton Lads & Girls club, and the previous month has been no exception. Click to read about all the latest goings on.
The incongruity of face to face business relationships in a digital age was discussed this week in the Bolton News by Andrew Dickson, in his ‘Talking Business’ column. He was comparing the growing success of business networking groups which promote the ethos of know, like and trust, through regular face to face meetings with the common thought that e-commerce, internet sales and social media are the only way to succeed.
The dust has settled on this years GCSE results, though the argument still rages on whether this years crop have been judged too harshly, or not harshly enough. Nevertheless, it is never too early to start planning for your future, and Alliance Learning have lots of ways to help you do this. Click to find out more.
Digicomm BCS are known to do a lot of good for local business. But they've never been known for being great fun. Until now. Introducing Music On Hold, their new product that could impress customers this Christmas and keep you entertained for hours. You have been warned. Click to read more.
Hayley Taylor – known as ‘The Fairy Jobmother’ from Channel Four’s popular programme – has announced she will be joining a mission to help Bolton’s 8,927 jobseekers find work. Click to find out more.
Posh Bathing have a track record of supplying incredible products from designer lines straight from the bathrooms of Italy and Germany. And they have even more in store now.
Fieldings Porter are an excellent local firm, established in 1871, and still going strong. And they continue to improve with great service, excellent results and professional and talented employees. Pamela Donnellan is one such example. Click to read more.
Hiring an apprentice is an excellent way to develop your business, and the person you hire. And now, Alliance Learning, Bolton, are making it an even more attractive prospect with the availability of their Government Grants. Click to find out more.
The Bolton Jobs & Skills Fair is a showcase of local talent. That talent could be an excellent business looking to employ some new blood. Or someone with great qualities looking for employment. The Fair is the perfect location to find your future.
In this modern world, business practices are changing every minute, evolving with the times. This has lead to an increase in the number of 'Road Warriors', workers away from the office. Comms Consult has a system to keep everything connected.
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