Comms Consult Are Looking To Revolutionize The 'Road Warrior' With Their New System
30th August 2012
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Salespeople, onsite support technicians, and an increasing number of others spend most of their working lives away from the office environment. And yet, more than ever, they need to be in close communication with customers and colleagues throughout the day.

Comms Consult are looking for ways to unify the way these ‘road warriors’ communicate with the customers and colleagues within a business

Whether at a customer’s site using a laptop, at the airport with tablet in hand, or anywhere in the world on a smartphone, Comms Consult mobility Solutions for Mobile Workers provide these critical people with the increased communications capabilities they need:


  • An “in-office” experience. The same communications and collaboration capabilities available in the office are at their fingertips anywhere, anytime.
  • Device flexibility. They can communicate on a traditional desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, or other “bring your own device” (BYOD) technology.
  • A single identity. No matter where they are, workers’ identities go with them – they have a single phone number, voice mailbox, and extension.


Comms Consult has already helped many companies get rid of the normal constraints surrounding staff working on the road. If you'd like more information on how they could help you and your business, call (01204) 684086, or check out there feature page here.

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