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14th November 2012
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The age-old debate can still be found raging beneath closed doors; a debate concerning whether to move to a new house, or to stay put, and extend your current location. In the past, many have prefered the former option as planning regulations formed a huge barrier to the latter. So much paperwork, so much red-tape, so much hassle.

But, thanks to changes that came in to affect on 1st October, around 80,000 homeowners a year could be affected by more relaxed planning regulations. Homeowners planning to add space to their property will have less red tape to negotiate now that planning regulations covering extensions and loft conversions have been relaxed.

Since the property market picked up in 1995 the number of householder planning applications in the UKhas more than doubled to an annual total of almost 330,000. The changes are expected to save the taxpayer up to £50 million a year by removing almost a quarter of those planning applications from overburdened local planning offices.

Under the new regulations single-storey rear extensions up to 4 metres deep can be added to detached properties without permission. On semi-detached or terraced properties the maximum depth is reduced to 3 metres. Two storey rear extensions on all properties must be no more than 3 metres deep and not within 2 metres of a boundary line. In a further change to the current regulations there will no longer be a maximum volume allowance for ground based extensions.

Volume allowances will still apply to loft conversions. Lofts to detached properties can be converted without planning permission provided any dormers do not add more than 50 cubic metres to the property. That allowance is 50 cubic metres on a detached house reducing to 40 cubic metres on semi-detached and terraced houses. Dormer windows will still not be permitted to the elevation facing the highway.

The new regulations will be less warmly welcomed by adjoining owners wishing to preserve the flow of daylight to the rear of their properties. As long as projects fall within the new guidelines, neighbours will be powerless to object.

So, if extending your property sounds like something you'd be interested in, we've got some great businesses on hand to help:

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Of course, if you do want to move, we have two great businesses that can help you do that, thanks to the Purple Property Shop and Regency Estates.

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