Want Insurance On Your Insurance? Then Talk To Perfect Finish About XS Paid
7th November 2012
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Perfect Finish are based locally in Bolton and provide an award-winning car body repair service for businesses, insurance companies and private customers across the area. This year, they were shortlisted for Body Shop of the Year at the National (and glamorous, I'm sure) British Bodyshop Awards. And it's easy to see why, with excellent services and great customer service par for the course.

And, thanks to their latest endeavour, their service just got even better. Because, now, Perfect Finish are able to offer to you the XS Paid service.

Nobody likes to have an accident on the road. If the risk of injury wasn't bad enough, you then have to go through an even more painful process with your insurance company that could see you pay a lot more than you feel is right, especially with extortionate excess rates.

XS Paid is a club where you pay to be a member. And, with membership, if you were to have an accident, there would be no need to worry about paying your excess, because XS Paid will do it for you, as well as plenty other benefits. So you can concentrate on getting better after the incident.

As a member, XS Paid will also do the following . . .

If the accident was your fault, XS Paid will:

  • Reduce stress by doing the work,
  • Deal with your insurance company,
  • Collect your vehicle,
  • Provide a Class A courtesy car,
  • Organise repairs,
  • Return your car once repaired,


If the accident wasn't your fault:

  • You will be provided a like-for-like courtesy car,
  • You won't have to claim on your insurance policy,
  • There will be no excess to pay,
  • XS Paid deals with the full claims process,
  • You can claim for loss of income,
  • XS Paid will sort compensation for inconvenience,
  • XS Paid will sort compensation for loss of value of car due to accident,
  • Total loss negotiations will be carried out,
  • Personal injury claims will be sorted,
  • Help will be given to find a replacement car if yours is written off.


Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not. Sound complicated? Well, it is. But not for you. You just pay your membership, and Perfect Finish will do all the work. This is perfect for any time of year, but particularly now when the days are getting darker, weather conditions more adverse, and road accidents are at their peak. Don't take the risk.

For more information about the service, or any other that they offer, give Perfect Finish a call on (01204) 689934, or visit their feature page here.

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