Introducing 'nailtiques'
8th October 2018
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We are just so excited to introduce 'nailtiques' into our beauty house! Nailtiques is created to treat individual nail conditions, each formula offers special ingredients to bond the nail layers together. The formulas build strong, yet flexible foundation, that is resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.

⭐️ formula 1 perfect balance of proteins and conditioners to protect and maintain healthy nails.
⭐️ formula 2 designed for soft, peeling and weak nails. It stimulates rapid growth and strengthens nails 
⭐️ formula 3, developed for hard, dry or ridged nails.
⭐️ formula 2+ for excessively soft and peeling nails that haven’t responded to formula 2.
⭐️ after artificial kit, a two-part treatment that nourishes and replenishes nails with burial ingredients following artificial nail removal.

We can offer a nailtiques manicure that can be customised to treat your individual nail care needs! 

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