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Over the months we’ve discussed the importance of promoting and marketing your business especially in relation to your online activities. Marketing is essential for any business and especially for small and fledgling businesses.
Photocopiers lease or buy?
Photocopiers lease or buy?
By far the best advice we can give is to use a lease wherever possible. This enables you to take advantage of keeping cashflow in the business. As your business grows you will always need an ever increasing amount of working capital. With leasing your payments will never rise and provides a credit facility to your business which will not change or be recalled for the life of the agreement.
Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to persuade some clients to add fresh content to their websites and, on more than one occasion, I have been asked “Do I really need to?”
Many businesses today are revamping or launching new websites in an attempt to make their products and services appear more appealing. A top notch website will have a direct effect on sales but most businesses don't have in-house web developers, web designers and copywriters on their payroll.
Is August a quiet month for your business? Do you just tick over whilst staff are off on their summer holidays?
Effective websites are a marketing platform that can reach customers across the globe bringing them to your business premises so that you can do business with them.
A website for your business is still one of the best ways to market to as many people as possible. Done correctly, it will increase your brand awareness and ultimately sales. The question is, do you use a professional web design company or do you use one of the DIY website builders?
Alliance Learning are a brilliant training provider in Bolton who always have a fantastic range of training courses available.
The Internet is littered with reviews and reports of web projects that have ended in disappointment. So why is this, and how can it be avoided?
The Spring and Summer is a time for getting out and doing things, for many folks and communities at large it is the time for outdoor events. Great fun and games to be had by all, so long as nobody spoils the fun. The need for Security at such events to maintain order, look after parking, prevent anti-social behaviour, prevent theft, and to ensure the Health and Safety of all concerned is an ever-present requirement.
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