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31st May 2018
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In our business and personal life we all need to buy in services and support at some time or another.  We can’t be skilled at everything or have the time to do everything either.  Just like hiring a plumber or electrician for essential jobs around the house; in business we naturally know when we need to source an accountant, solicitor and IT support. 

What about the business admin though?  This so often becomes one of those tasks that we trundle on with, not wanting to admit that we need help.  So just like that home DIY job that you’ll get ‘around to’ at some stage, the admin piles up or eats away into the limited free time that is ever so scarce in our busy working lives.

But it needn’t be a chore, when you have a virtual assistant only a phone call or email away. 

I’m Julia and I run my own freelance admin support service called AdminAnywhere.  I can assist with the admin for anyone anywhere in the UK (or the world even), however, all my clients are local small businesses and sole traders.  And that’s the way I like it. 

The best thing about hiring a Virtual Assistant like AdminAnywhere, is that you’re not tied into an employment contract.  There’s no national insurance or pension or any other employment costs to worry about either.  In most cases, all work completed is charged according to the amount of time it has taken me to complete at a competitive hourly rate.  I can work from local business premises – so long as you have a specific business address and a PC & desk for me to work from – however the majority of the work I handle is completed from my own home office and returned to my clients via email or cloud shared folders, with occasional face to face meet ups along the way. 

I have been in business now for 6 years and have been working with some of my clients on a regular weekly basis for years, and others come and go, and come back again, when they have a particular task or excess work that they need help with.  I love the variety and the flexibility.  No two days are the same.

It’s not just about typing either.  Yes, I’ll happily type up those handwritten notes or input that stack of business cards into a contacts list.  I can organise all the administration and communication for training events too.  However, I’m also a wiz on the creative side of things, and that’s the sort of work I really enjoy, like creating and adding more style and functionality to spreadsheets. How about a PowerPoint presentation for your networking 10 slot or business seminar, or to help keep the boardroom awake at your next AGM?  I can also create newsletters, mail shots, flow charts and diagrams, and tidy those social media profiles too.

These are just a few examples.  Even after 6 years in business, plus all those years of employment beforehand I’m constantly discovering new tools and developing ideas to support other local business owners with their businesses, so give me a call, I'm sure I can help and I'm always up for a new challenge too

For further information check out my feature here and have a look at the AdminAnywhere website too.  However if you’d like to chat about how I could help with that pesky admin, just give me a call, help is only a phonecall away.  Why don't we meet up over a brew?  You can have an hour of my time for free to discuss how AdminAnywhere can help ease your admin burden.

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Julia P

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Hi, I'm Julia, and I'm the owner of Admin Anywhere. I am an expert in all types of admin work and can really take the stress out of that neglected pile of paperwork!

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