New wellbeing service for Bolton businesses
8th February 2021
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A NEW Bolton-based service aims to help staff at local businesses improve their mental wellbeing during lockdown and beyond.

Whysup Ltd has launched Wellbeing with Whysup as an addition to the services started three years ago to help anyone with their mental health, addictions and wellbeing.

Since the organisation began, it has worked with more than 40.000 people across education, business and sporting environments throughout the region in face-to-face sessions.

However, directors Mark Murray and Liam McBride realised that the pandemic not only meant a further impact on mental health and wellbeing but also that their organisation had to look at a different way to connect with clients.

So now, using their own lived experiences and those of other speakers, they offer companies a monthly wellbeing podcast session. This can be sent to every team member remotely, along with references for the person watching to explore the content and implement in their own life.

Explained Liam: “Working environments have changed and teams are now working differently – often from home. As a result, interaction between them has been impacted.

“A person’s professional performance is dramatically affected by what is happening outside their working hours and what they are experiencing personally.”

Added Mark: “Businesses and organisations need to ‘do something’ to promote good wellbeing, to encourage open discussion and offer support.

“Wellbeing with Whysup  does this and can be sent out to teams or individuals working from home. It also builds on our established successful relationship with many local and regional businesses.”

One of the first Bolton businesses to sign up for Wellbeing with Whysup was  bakery firm Greenhalghs where Sarah Goulding commented: “We know how important it is to invest in our employees’ wellbeing and enhance a positive culture.

“The monthly videos are excellent. Each one focuses on a specific topic to promote and support mental fitness and their guests speak honestly and openly.

“Having this as a company has encouraged more communication in departments, allowing us to support our colleagues more than ever.”

To find out more about Wellbeing with Whysup go to or call 01204 567800.

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