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Fresh from reaching their £2,000 fundraising target for Bolton Children’s Opportunity Group, Cake Delight by Michelle and Emma are holding another fun filled evening to raise funds for the charity, this time in the form of a charity auction.
As the Easter Holidays approach we are all looking for ways to keep the children occupied. Here's our round up of the best things to do to keep all age groups busy, across our lively town of Bolton.
Horror is a personal favourite genre of mine, and there is nowhere better to view one than at the cinema. Which is why Cineworld, Bolton, is the perfect place to go and see Mama, the latest offering from genius Guillermo del Toro.
Last week, it was an American comedy. This week, it's the turn of the Brits, with 'I Give It A Year', a film in which two newly-weds struggle to make it to their first anniversary. And it can be watched at Cineworld, Bolton, right now.
It has been said that 'Denzel Washington' doesn't make a bad film. And his latest effort has certainly garnered a lot of attention. You can catch it at Cineworld, Bolton, for the foreseeable future, and it's definitely worth a watch.
People's feelings about Valentine's Day can usually be split into two groups; those that love it (also known as those in a relationship), and those that hate it (also known as the single people). But G Casino have an event that is looking to change all of that.
The cinema is one of our nation's favourite pastimes, and we are lucky to have a fantastic Cineworld here in Bolton. Thousands use it every week, myself included, and here is my thought's on one of the latest releases . . . Django Unchained.
The Octagon Theatre, an important part of the cultural scene in Bolton, is to undergo a revamp thanks to a cash boost of more than £380,000, which will see a number of new features as well as old fixtures being replaced and upgraded.
With all the warnings about drink-driving over the festive period, there really is no excuse to do so. Organising a taxi to pick you up or drop you off doesn't need to create a problem, especially with the excellent service provided by Rapid Private Hire of Bolton.
The Beaumont has constructed a dining area to match their excellent chefs. There is just one problem . . . the new dining area needs a name.
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