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The 6 week challenge was absolutely amazing, I’ve lost 4.7kg, my diet has improved massively and my fitness & energy levels have increased. This has helped me in my personal & work life, Scott has been outstanding helping me with technique, well being & motivation. If anyone is considering to take this programme I highly recommend, its a life changer! Thank you Scott!
Scott is very motivated and gets you into the zone to enjoy the gym, feel good about yourself and gives you good advice to keep you motivated to push yourself - great for all levels of fitness and to help you lose weight and tone up.
Scott has a tremendous focus on developing the right plan for you. I wasn’t his standard client with a 9-5 but he took the time out to understand my job and the impact it has on my diet and exercise, and helped to devise a plan that could work for me. Scott’s ability to adjust and adapt is so important because what worked for most of his clients just wouldn’t work for me, and it has now had now helped me keep focus even when I’m unable to follow a set routine because of my job.
I really enjoy training with Scott. He always pushes everyone to do their best. His classes are super fun and no two sessions are the same! I would 100% recommend Scott to everyone!
After a diagnosis for a kidney disorder I was told to lose weight. I have struggled with my weight for years. I turned to Scott at Weight Loss Strategies who helped me with a fitness program and advice on my diet. 12 months on and I have lost over a stone and feeling so much healthier in myself.
I contacted Scott to get some information about his services and he contacted me back straight away. I was instantly as ease at how easy going and friendly he was. He was very honest and knowledgeable about the questions I asked and gave me thorough advice explaining step by step what his approach would be. I booked in with him straight after our conversation. I am so happy I took the plunge and asked Scott for help as I am already seeing results from Our sessions and its still early days. Thanks Scott !!! 😊
I saw Scott's advert on facebook, made an enquiry to which he replied almost instantly. An appointment was swiftly arranged where myself (and other like-minded lads) turned up to hear what it was all about. We all signed up right away and I must say I wasn't disappointed. The workouts are varied and challenging. You get introduced to a whole range of exercises over the weeks and Scott goes through the correct techniques with you and explains why those techniques are important in order to execute the exercise correctly to get maximum results. As a result your knowledge grows substantially which puts you in good stead for when you workout outside of the programme. You find yourself making new friends that are sharing the same fitness journey and the banter within the group is fantastic - plenty of encouragement, plenty of high fives, plenty of positive thoughts! it really has been a pleasure to get to know the other members. Do remember though, the exercise part is only a part of the goal with the nutritional aspect being even more crucial. This is where Scott helps and provides you with the tools and knowledge to help keep you on track. Accountability is key to all this and that's what Scott puts emphasis on. Weekly updates are required where you upload your information in an online private group and Scott will analyse it and advise accordingly. Don't ever be late to his classes because you will become very familiar with the infamous Sledge! Depending on your starting level you wont be getting a six pack after 6 weeks but what you will see is a positive change providing you follow and stick to the process. At the end of the day you get out of it what you put in to it.
Amazing programmes and P. T. Weightless strategies is the place to be!! Very knowledgeable and great motivation.
I would highly recommend Weight loss strategies by Scott. For me it wasn't about losing weight, but getting into shape and improving health. Scott has provided great workouts, nutritional advice and support of wider group
I had a great meeting with Scott, he is very knowledgeable and only wants the best for his customers.
Weight Loss Strategies is for ANYONE that is looking to get in shape, feel better, look better and enjoy the journey. The workouts are focussed and varied and the comaradery and support you get is exceptional.
Such a helpful trainer, very supportive. Amazing sessions, very motivational as well. 10/10 would recommend
I’ve been signed up with Scott some six months now and all I can say is 5 Stars is just not enough! The coaching and motivation from Scott is unbeatable. I’ve lost pounds of fat and become stronger and fitter but the best of it is that with the nutritional coaching I have reversed my diabetes and lowered my cholesterol. The doctor at my last review was amazed and said Scott was a credit to my health.
After years or consistent weight gain and various trendy diet programs you starts to lose hope that you will never be able to get to a healthy point ever again. Weight loss strategies and Scott has changed all of that, they customise a training hprogram for all the group glasses which are 3 days a week. In a short 6 week I believe for the first time in my life that I achieved a better body and healthier life that I ever had.all you have to do is to see results is follow the program and commit too it
I've always struggled to stay on a programme because I've never felt the instructor actually cares. This is where Scott comes in, I've never come across someone who cares so much for all of his clients. The passion this guy has is incredible and the annoying way he's on your case to make sure you're reaching your maximum potential is inspiring. Scott is everything and more you could want from a PT. Thank you Scott and long may the journey continue!
i signed up to Scotts 6 week weight loss challenge and not only lost 4kg in weight in this period of time but also 3 inches off my waist 2 inches off my chest and an inch of my hips. Scott not only provided excellent exercise classes but also nutritional advice and was always available for advice and encouragement. He shows a genuine concern for his clients well being and always comes up with different exercise routines which keeps the interest and motivation up. i would definitely recommend him . He is the man if you are looking to acheive long term weight loss, confidence in the gym or for general feeling of well being.
Scott has put a programme together to help people not only change shape but change lives !!!!from helping people with weight , dietary requirements ,health issues and confidence. The special ingredient in this business is ur doing this with 10-15 like minded people who you can share the experience with and work together to achieve your own goal!!!! This was an unbelievable experience for me and changed my life and I can’t thank weight loss strategies enough for the opportunity by putting it on in the Walsall area without scott’s expertise and experience I would still be struggling today Thank you !!!
Scott Broadway is an excellent coach with formidable attributes. The way he coaches and trains his clientele is extremely professional by not only having the wealth of knowledge and understanding encompassing 'Weight Loss', but also has the key people's skills to work well and connect with the people. This offers a huge encouragement to the pupil training to reach their end goal of weight loss. When it comes to the training itself, Scott has a wealth of various exercises that keeps the body guessing and also keeping it fun with a new/fresh experience every session and not the same old thing. He will make exercises easier if you are a beginner/novice or more difficult of you are more advanced with exercises. Scott also offers great nutritional advice via online apps to keep on top of calorie counts and making sure that you are not eating over your recommended allowance. He has also proven that his services are not just within the allocated times of the training sessions, he will message you via any means making sure you on top of things and that you always feel like a valued person. If you are ever unable to make a training session due to unforeseen circumstances, he will go out of his way to provide training exercises that can be undertaken at home. He will also encourage the client to post a video to the Group Facebook Page where it encourages the client and all other trainees. Finally, weekly and quarterly results are recorded for a better visualization to keeping on track via weekly ‘Progression Pictures’, weight recordings and also measuring various parts of the body. There is much more I can say however I believe the above is sufficient to prove his excellent professionalism and character.
Its been absolutely fantastic to work with weight loss strategies team. Great motivation, and advice and tips about weight loss . Thank you Scott for your help and support.
Highly recommended! Scott is patient and understanding of his individual clients needs and capabilities. You are driven to achieve results and supported along the way. Great group sessions help to build confidence.
I had Scott as my PT and it was the best decision I made! He's not a take your money and achieve nothing type of PT, he will get you the results you need and give you the knowledge, motivation and support to carry it on. By far the best trainer I've ever had
As i have somme problemes with my weight, I search for help and I start to work with Scott and his team. Even if I didn't made it, for the time been, now, I could say that it was their fault, bad is not truth, because, you can feel, that thei are doing everything , even more, to help you.
Brilliant personal trainer that provides you with motivation, great work outs and excellent nutritional advice. Highly recommended
From the moment I spoke to scott at the gym I knew that completing a training programme with weight loss strategies was the best thing for me to help me feel confident again. Since day one scott has been very supportive in terms of a training programme and nutrition and has shown me new ideas of how I can improve my weight loss and get the best out of the programme. Every training session is amazing working us hard and wanting to get the best out of us, scott plans every session to ensure we work hard and always differentiates the sessions so that all can succeed. Scott communicates effectively with all group members during training sessions and supports us all outside the gym in terms of any questions we have we can message him and he will reply back he always has time to help and support. Scott is very hardworking and has many ICT programmes in place to track our progress this is supported by the many successful results he has had from clients. Definitely made the right decision in joining scott at weight loss strategies
Motivating individual who has sulported me in weight loss through a balanced diet as well as excercise. Scott sets you goals and plans the way forwards.
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