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Are you trying to lose weight and frustrated with your progress? Are you left wondering where you are going wrong and why nothing is working? Weight Loss Strategies offer personal training sessions in Walsall focused on fat-burning workouts to keep you motivated and smashing your goals.
  • Personal Training from Qualified Personal Trainers
  • Morning and Evening Sessions available
  • Personalised Training Plan
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Improve Fitness and Lose Weight
  • 6 Week Transformation Programme

Do you want to make positive lifestyle choices and prioritise your health and well-being? Scott at Weight Loss Strategies can help transform your mindset towards exercise and diet.

Many of Scott's clients come to him as they are fed up of being held back by their body, with different situations including:

Parent/Grandparents: Scott has many parents and grandparents who get out of breath playing with the children or are even too embarrassed to go swimming because of their body size. They want to get fitter and enjoy the time with their children.

Career Development: Some clients have felt paranoid giving work presentations due to their size and want to slim down to improve confidence.

Fed up wearing big, baggy clothes: Many are fed up with clothes not fitting them, going to the larger sizes on clothing rails only for them not to fit and wearing baggy clothes. Wearing smaller and fitted clothing is one of the things they look forward to.

Sessions suitable for all

Whether you are a complete beginner or feeling frustrated with lack of results, today is the day! Start your journey with Weight Loss Strategies. Sessions take place at Simply Gym Walsall. 

There is no need to feel uncomfortable or intimidated as their friendly and welcoming sessions help you get the work done without feeling judged. 

Using a combination of fat burning and toning, Scott endeavors to provide a personalised training plan for each member based on their goals and what is right for their body. Getting this balance right is essential to achieve your goals and get the most out of the time spent in the gym. 

Education to help your Mindset

Weight Loss Strategies take a fully holistic approach to losing weight, focusing on both the body and the mind. It is important to look and feel your best, improving your confidence. As well as exercise, Scott at Weight Loss Strategies explains the role that diet has on achieving your goals, helping you make better meal choices and lifestyle decisions

Get the support and guidance that you need to reach your potential and smash your health and fitness goals! The results speak for themselves - motivating members to achieve more than they thought was possible!


With Weight Loss Strategies, you can be assured that you are getting trusted guidance and advice. Scott takes time to understand each client as an individual, considering what is best for their body and how they can best achieve their goals in a timescale. Weight Loss Strategies provide support throughout, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. 

Once you have applied to find out more, an appointment will be scheduled with Scott at a time and date to suit you. During the appointment, Scott at Weight Loss Strategies will explain how the programme works. When joining the programme you will also connect with other members of the group, which is a positive and encouraging community.

6-week transformations

Want to achieve a transformation, fast? Weight Loss Strategies offer a dedicated programme that is focused on achieving results in just 6 weeks.

During these sessions, Scott focuses on burning maximum body fat and building lean and toned muscle in a fun environment. If you are struggling to see results at the gym, if you are not enjoying the process, or maybe you’re getting confused and frustrated, then you need to get in touch and jump on board with his transformation programme.

Guaranteed results

Clients at Weight Loss Strategies achieve consistent results week on week keeping the weight off and transforming their lives and relationship with exercise and diet. We let the results do the talking. Scott has created a free guide to follow. Click here to download your free guide. 

Just take a look for yourself - see above or click here to visit the website for photos of some of the fantastic transformations from members at Weight Loss Strategies. 

Contact Weight Loss Strategies

To start your weight loss journey today and get real results, contact Scott on 07920487433. 

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