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The Best of Walsall champions the best local businesses - recommended by you!

The Best of Walsall - your local website championing the best businesses and shops in the area as well as promoting charities,events, clubs and associations.




Is the Best of Walsall an advertising agency?


We are not an advertising agency,we help promote through a variety of marketing initiatives only the most recommended businesses in Walsall



How does this work?

We encourage Walsall residents to recommend a good local business which they trust and think is good at what they do. Perhaps you know a local business which

  • provides a good, reliable service?
  • offers competitive prices?
  • is a friendly business with a good reputation in the community?
  • is helpful and you enjoy dealing with?
  • stocks an excellent range of goods?
  • a business you would like to promote?

Remember - a business can be good at a number of things!



We at The Best of Walsall champion those good businesses, recommended by you, so that people in Walsall know where to go for a list of recommended local businesses. We aim to be a trusted source for the best in Walsall.

Walsall is a great town, with a healthy future to look forward to! AND we have many cracking businesses! The Best of Walsall champions and shouts about those great businesses!

By championing those good businesses, we make sure that they are recognised as being one of the best in town. We help residents to find those champions in our community!



We give Walsall residents the opportunity to:

a) recommend good businesses

b) make an informed decision whether or not to deal with a business after reading the recommendations and reviews


c) add local events to the site for free

Recommendations are so easy!

Please help us to help you by recommending your favourite businesses!

The Best of Walsall championing the best businesses in the area, recommended by you!

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