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Mothers Day Pampering at Walsall Mind and Body Centre
Managing stress with Hypnotherapy
Managing stress with Hypnotherapy
We oftern look outside ourselves for the sources and solutions to stress, but its often better to start closer to home
In her practice Dr Lee treats many cases of pain caused by nerve compression.
if your weighing up your options concerning the vaccination against HPV which is inked to cervical cancer, let's talk to a homeopath
We need to keep flexible and mobile, not just in the summer when we might strip off for the beach....
Here at Walsall Mind and Body we specialise in Complementary and Natural Health Care, which offers alternative ways to tackle health issues, which work with and support your body’s own healing mechanisms.
The pressing techniques of Thai massage releases tension increasing the circulation to the muscle, and drainage strokes assist waste to be removed....
What does it take to be the best in business?...
Did you know that a Walsall Family Business provides the 'the most loved massage service in the UK' ?
Looking for a soothing solution to muscle knots, stiffness and tension?...
Here at Walsall Mind and Body Centre, we offer such a wide range of services it can be difficult to summarise and condense our work into a single word, sentence or explanation....
Dr Electra Soady, an ex-smoker herself, is Walsall Mind and Body Centres quit4life expert, she specialises in supporting people through life challenges and personal transformations
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Dr Nick Johl, the resident Clinical Psychologist at Walsall Mind and Body Centre.
Although we may try to camouflage our skin with make-up the truth is written all over our face....
Here at Walsall Mind and Body Centre, we are often asked; what is Reiki?...
If you have tried to stop smoking over and over again, perhaps you need a bit of help....
Have you ever wondered why you get high blood pressure?...
‘Hypnotension not Hypertension’
Chatabox Beauty and Walsall MindandBody Centre are collaborating to offer beauty services at the centre
Are you the type of person who thinks too much, is anxious and affected by the stresses and strains and fast pace of life?...
Beauty Offers in Walsall
Beauty Offers in Walsall
Take advantage of some fantastic beauty offers in Walsall
what is Acne, what helps, what doesn't help, and how to get some help with managing this condition.
Looking at the best way to help when someone, including you, feel depressed....
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