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Are you having problems with wasps, rats or any other pests? Then look no further than MB Pest Control, based in Walsall and covering areas within the West Midlands & Staffordshire.

MB Pest control are a local pest control service based in Great Wyrley, Walsall. Mark the owner is highly trained, professional and guarantees outstanding service – offering a 7-day free quotation service, with a quick response and competitive rates!

MB Pest Control are experts in protecting your property against pests, their professional removal, treatment and prevention service is affordable, hassle free and fast. 


  • Wasp nest removal  - In the height of summer these unwanted pests can ruin your outdoor activities. The last thing you want to do is try and remove them yourself, they will become aggressive and agitated when they are disturbed. In summer, a nest can contain thousands of wasps, removing them professionally is always the best option - MB Pest Control will eliminate wasps swiftly and efficiently.
  • Rodents – One of the most popular pests in the UK are rodents, they are known to spread harmful diseases and are extremely unhygienic to have around your property… don’t stress with the help of MB Pest Control they will ensure a successful removal of any rodent.
  • Bed Bugs – MB Pest control can help with the safe removal of bed bugs ensuring you feel comfortable in your own home again. Usual indicators of bed bugs are blood stains on your bed sheets and/or pillar cases and some may notice tiny bites on your body. These tiny cricketers can be found in your bed, furniture, edge of carpets and clothing in fact most dry places within your home.
  • Fleas – The most common fleas that live in the UK are the cat flea, dog flea. If your pets gets fleas it will cause them a lot of discomfort – MB Pest Control will help protect your home and animals from this irritating pest with the safe removal of any fleas found in your home.
  • Squirrels in lofts and elsewhere – Squirrels can cause extensive damage to your property, it’s important to tackle the safe removal of these pests as soon as possible, and with the assistance of MB Pest Control they can be achieved quickly and professionally.
  • Cockroaches - contaminate food, utensils, and work surfaces. They tend to be found in warm, damp, or humid crevices in your property around heating pipes, stoves, sinks etc. MB Pest Control will remove cockroaches quickly and discreetly as soon as possible.

If a second treatment is required, although this is extremely rare, it will be carried out free of charge!

Why Choose MB Pest Control Walsall...

  • Fast Response 
  • Competitive Local Rates
  • 7-day free quotation service
  • Professional service 
  • Discreet engineers 
Dedicated to helping customers with any pest infestations,the highly trained team are qualified, experienced and safely remove pests without causing them any harm where possible.

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